"I love being Fan GirL"

haha My InFo :))

"phrase to EveryOne that its all abOut Me"

First Of aLL i would like To saY hii ^____^

* hmm..^____^

if you think that im a POSER..well, back off at my tumbler profile then don't follow me as ur friend... im not here to please you and to prove that im real..all i want is to have a GOOD FRIENDS and not a haters. :)) haha

❤ ♦ιитяσducтισи♦ ❤
.•°•.★ Name ┊❤┊(katherine)katorinu hikaru matsuo morales.espineli
[ real name ^_^& japanese nme ] ★ (。・ω・)ノ゙
.:**.:。♦ Nickname ┊❤┊kato❤ hikaru❤ kathey❤ irine
❤ kath ❤ (oゝ∀・) ~
.•°•.★ Age ┊❤┊ 15 Years Old (=゚ω゚)
.:**.:。♦ Birthday ┊❤┊ November 13 , 1995 ┊❤┊❤┊❤┊
.•°•.★ Birthplace ●• phillippines rmc Town (っ>ω<)っ<br /> .:**.:。♦ Height ┊❤┊ 5'4 ˇω ˇ
.•°•.★ Weight ┊❤┊ 48 ~ └( ̄▽ ̄*)
.•°•.★ Language that i can speak are┊❤┊ english ♪ japanese ♪ chinese madarin♪ filipino♪korean
『 not that fluent 』bahasa~ ミ●﹏☉ミ
.:**.:。♦ Location ┊❤┊ 【 currently 】 Philippines ~~

favorites yah^^

(~o•:*´¨`*:•.☆ Color ♦ pink┊black┊sky blue┊and
light blue┊
pink┊hot ┊ red ┊ violet ┊ white ~
【 yellow and GREEN ?! 】 «-(¯`v´¯)«
•:*´¨`*:•.✖ Food ♦ japanese foods ┊filipinofoods┊korean foods ┊ 。◕‿◕。❤
•:*´¨`*:•.☆ Sports ♦ swimming ♬ badminton ♬ valley ball ~accrobatics
•:*´¨`*:•.✖ Anime ♦ all cute anime ~~
(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~~♡
•:*´¨`*:•.☆ Number ♦ ┊♥┊17┊ o7┊♥┊ 23 ┊♥┊10┊♥┊13┊♥┊
(≧▽≦) ̄▽ ̄)~

:*´¨`*:•.✖ Japanese Groups / Singers

♦ Hey! Say! JUMPˇωˇHEY! SAY! 7ˇωˇ
HEY! SAY! BESTˇωˇNYC BoysˇωˇArashiˇωˇKAT-TUN
ˇωˇV6ˇωˇHaruma MiuraˇωˇKANJANI8ˇωˇB.I SHADOWˇωˇBuonoˇωˇ
'C-uteˇωˇAKB48ˇωˇAquatimezˇωˇUtada Hikaru
ˇωˇFayrayˇωˇBerryz KoubouˇωˇJ.E Groups ~ˇωˇH.P
Groups ~~ (◕‿◕❀) 『so many !~ ^^』
•:*´¨`*:•.☆ Korean Groups / Singer ♦ SHINeeˇωˇSuper Junior
ˇωˇU-KissˇωˇTVXQˇωˇ2amˇωˇ2pmˇωˇWonder Boysˇωˇ
After Schoolˇωˇ2ne1ˇωˇWonder Girlsˇωˇ
ˇωˇGirls GenerationˇωˇˇωˇBIG BANG
ˇωˇ8eightˇωˇ★ (。・ω・)ノ゙
•:*´¨`*:•.✖ TV Shows ♦ NHKˇArirangˇABS-CBN and GMAˇMYXˇ
Chan.VˇShonen ClubˇPops in Seoulˇ
Showbiz Extraˇ~~ ( ̄▽ ̄)" ╮


┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ friend ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Fanfics ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Anime and movie┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Sleeping ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Foods ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Lollipop┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Music ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Handsome any kind ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Cute Stuff┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Bands ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Bags ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Cell Phone┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ personal create things ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊Mangga ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Shopping┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ costplay ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Watching Movies ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Hangout with H.Club ~┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Bestfriends forever~ ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Chatting ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Texting┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Boy Bands ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Ice Cream ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Cakes┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Editing Pichure~ ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Eating ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ study and also reading book┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Singing and dancin with Friends

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Sweets ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Cute Wallets┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊listening , watching tv and

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊and radiostation┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ honestly ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊


┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Copycat ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Feelers ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊


┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Plastic ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊Boasful ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊Not Friendly┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Frogly~ ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊Hanted house ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Ghost┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ Maniac ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ POSER ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ HACKER┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ FAKE ~ ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ telling badwords┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊not interested~┊ˇ┊ˇ┊ˇ┊

" Then this is me that i Ever think My seLf
and Goal in ReaL LiFe in Future :D "

but uppZ doNt reAct iF i have A mistake tO think My self..!etc

Im Katherine *Espineli* Morales
*also known as kathY*
Got that?
I was born on the 13th of NoVember.

i LOVE being me. :D

I’m a person with big dreams.
I’m a very happy person. =)

I love God, I love my friends,
and family. =)

I express myself through photography and the art of music and dancing also i sketch Drawing.
,I'm trying to be an all rounder photographer and I plan to be a Graphic Designer / Photographer / but once in my dream (tobe professional steywardes a tourism..someday =))

I love processing photos and hangout with my friends but I am still learning now . ?
I'm a just an average girl with huge dreams =)

me Before Now ??? --->

I am the one who usually is made fun of and sometimes becomes a delinquent and isn't a 100% "maDaLdaL at super BaiT" na student in school.since when i was in elementary and high school. they say my friends I may look silent but I am actually noisy "haha the type of girl a louder person and wild.
I sometimes get caught yet most of the time I get away with the evil things I do, hehe.strangers :D
Some people find me weird but I don't care! I get REALLY violent when I'm pissed. *example: may punch people (even girls), throw things, shout, etc. but I avoid saying bad words :>*

let's talk about my fangirling . WELL as you see I'm a certified JPOP LOVER. I LOVE JAPAN and I'll do my best to go there someday for my personal appearance hehe i dnt need to help my onesan to going there i want to do my personal a lot a strong and property decision (Gambarimasu) .to going there.

Watashi wa NIHON ne kato hikaru . That's it . Going to JAPAN someday is not only a dream but a goal in my life. yeahh !! :)) hahaha To going there .. !


I know that it is not easy to be a fangirl .:D
And yes it is very hard because the one that I've been idolizing are boys who is every girls dream too.
Sometimes as a fangirl there are moments that pops out in your mind a painful reality that the fact that you really want to see or meet them personally is so impossible. Yes, so impossible but one thing in my mind fights for this a quote that I've got some strength for not make myself stop is the quote ..
A really awesome quote that I've seen in a building near our school.
It makes me feel so good everytime i saw it.


But how many times I can think about this reality somehow I know and feel that FANGIRLING --

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